Cratos Energy

Cratos Energy Resources Ltd

Cratos Energy Resources Limited started its operation in Nigeria and is predominantly active in the upstream sector of the oil and gas market. We create pathways and methods to reduce project risk and increase operational excellence by performing our role as a one-stop contracting and solution partner for our customers. When serving as a contractor, we minimize risks for our clients and deliver the right solutions that are capable of meeting the project’s requirement and start up goals.

Our core competency in marginal fields has proven our mettle in the oil and gas sector, both onshore and offshore. Cratos Energy Resources Limited presents itself as a complete contracting solution provider, starting from the project conceptualisation stage until commissioning and through the entire life span of the project.

Social Responsibility

As a company, we invest substantially in providing training to the local manpower and devising & implementing management systems to equip the local manpower with multi-disciplined and specialist training to meet up to the future requirements of the company and the society at large.

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Quality Policy

Cratos Energy Resources Ltd aims to maintain and enhance its image as a leading entity in the upstream Oil and Gas sector. The Management team of the company focuses on quality standard in all areas with a view to achieving perfection and fulfilment.

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Customer Satisfaction

To deliver client objectives on time and within the budget


To meet and exceed our client’s expectations in ensuring quality products


To ensure adherence to international safety standards, meet and surpass the safety norms of our clientele


To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner through enhanced performance

Cratos Capabilities & Credentials

Cratos Energy Resources Ltd is a local Nigerian company registered as per the legislation of the Republic of Nigeria. The Company has a mix of International management personnel and comprises of the best managers from Nigeria, Middle-East and North America. Nigeria has adopted International working styles and Cratos Energy Resources Limited is working as per International best practices of Quality & Safety.