Company Overview

Cratos Energy Resources Limited started its operation in Nigeria and is predominantly active in the upstream sector of the oil and gas market. We create pathways and methods to reduce project risk and increase operational excellence by performing our role as a one-stop contracting and solution partner for our customers. When serving as a contractor, we minimize risks for our clients and deliver the right solutions that are capable of meeting the project’s requirement and start up goals.

Our core competency in marginal fields has proven our mettle in the oil and gas sector, both onshore and offshore. Cratos Energy Resources Limited presents itself as a complete contracting solution provider, starting from the project conceptualisation stage until commissioning and through the entire life span of the project.

Cratos Energy Resource Limited has a pool of well-qualified, multi-skilled and highly experienced professionals that utilize their vast and varied experiences in the field of Automation & Control, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation. We also work in partnership with our clients to provide in-depth professional solutions in order to achieve the objectives and demands of their projects.
This approach often gives positive results, improvement of quality of products for customers, overall improvement in operations in many of our customer’s existing and new production facilities and more importantly generate substantial cost savings. Our large database of highly qualified, technical experts both expatriate and local in no doubt makes us a front runner in the technical expert services field for oil and gas Industries.

Our Mission

To facilitate responsible and demanding clients in achieving their business objectives through our dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm and responsiveness. It includes:

  • Carrying out challenging projects
  • Sense of exploration
  • Building a Safer Work Place
  • Enhancing client reputation
  • Care for nature & environment

Our Vision

To be a front runner in quality of works executed & to become a global leader in both the upstream and down stream sector.

Our Goals

Quality: To meet and exceed our client’s expectations in ensuring quality products.
Safety: To ensure adherence to international safety standards, meet and surpass the safety norms of our clientele.
Financial: To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner through enhanced performance.
Customer satisfaction: To deliver client objectives on time and within the budget.

Cratos Capabilities & Credentials

Cratos Energy Resources Ltd is a local Nigerian company registered as per the legislation of the Republic of Nigeria. The Company has a mix of International management personnel and comprises of the best managers from Nigeria, Middle-East and North America. Nigeria has adopted International working styles and Cratos Energy Resources Limited is working as per International best practices of Quality & Safety.

Chairman’s Message

I warmly welcome you with pleasure to Cratos Energy Resources Limited. Our expertise cuts across all areas of the Oil & Gas Industries both onshore and offshore, upstream and down stream. Our persistent desire to satisfy all our clientele needs as well as to exceed their expectations, coupled with our dynamic and resourceful team have largely positioned us as a leading company in the Nigerian market. I am overwhelmed to see Cratos Energy Resources Limited playing an integral role in enhancing the growth of the economy and the quality of its team as well as life for the people of Nigeria.

We continue to improve our professionalism in management practices in accordance with international best practices. Parallel to the expansion of our business operations in other countries, Cratos Energy Resources Ltd will focus on positioning itself as a green company that saves earthly resources, protects the environment, and maintains nature’s reserves. If we have reached the point we are today and have to our credit some remarkable accomplishments, and if our reputation precedes us as a leading company, the credit goes to the employees of Cratos Energy Resources Limited, who exhibit a high sense of responsibility and an unflinching desire for excellence.
We stand by our promise with a team of poised and dedicated employees, to invest resources in order to create safety awareness for employees and all. Our goal is to be a bespoke company in both name and reality. My sincere gratitude goes to all members of this great family for making their individual contributions to the successes we have achieved. Therefore, we will continue to create value for our customers with our services. This is not only our future direction, but our overall mind set and it is indeed, an obligation.

Executive Chairman