Cratos Energy Operations

Cratos Energy Resources Limited is an independent oil company registered in Nigeria, carrying out trading & investment in all major international petroleum markets. The company has been structured to offer its clients fully integrated services. We are active in the trading of crude oil, where we take opportunities of spot cargoes with direct relationship with international refineries and various multinational end-users.

Our flexibility and size is an added advantage to the highly experienced professionals in the areas of marketing, rehabilitation and production of oil in different economic and geographical settings. We also offer efficient global services to our clients, allowing suppliers and customers to utilize the opportunities that are abound in the international market to the fullest. The company is dedicated to the concept of optimum use of the market resources on a short notice.
Cratos Energy Resources Limited looks to utilise the acquisition of crude oil in order to process, exchange and upgrade it, thus providing a thorough worldwide service in a range of petroleum products that are in line with our client’s requirements. The petroleum management and marketing team at Cratos is expanding and intends to purchase crude oil from Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa, West Africa and Latin America, Far East, Europe, Black Sea and Caribbean. The company’s team constantly seeks to take advantage of opportunities presented by its position, through the purchase of on the spot markets as well as special sales and exchanges. The company is recognised as a valuable partner by both public and private companies in the petroleum field. This recognition has served as a catalyst to the continuous growth and development of Cratos Energy Resources Ltd in the crude oil market.

Our Policy on conversion and processing of crude oil has extended to the international trading of a wide range of petroleum products such as LPG, Naphtha, Motor Gasoline, Jet fuel, Kerosene, Gasoline and fuel oils. Through our agreement with our International Partners, Cratos Energy Resources Ltd can directly place its crude cargoes to any one of the fifteen refineries owned by one of them, thus giving us a refining capacity of close to One Million bbl per day. These refineries include the Whiting, Indiana and Cherry Point, Washington refineries and the Toledo, Ohio refinery. These refineries have greater flexibility to refine a variety of crude oils including both light and heavy grades, and on average are more diesel-capable.
We aspire to become a global leader in petroleum products trading, with knowledge based on multiple marketing activities in the European, Far and Middle Eastern, African, North American, Caribbean, Central and South American markets.
Cratos Energy Resources Limited’s flexibility and technical sophistication makes it a unique system that is ready to satisfy the requirements of petroleum to the multitude of existing industries worldwide.

Cratos Energy Resources Ltd aims to maintain and enhance its image as a leading entity in the upstream Oil and Gas sector. The Management team of the company focuses on quality standard in all areas with a view to achieving perfection and fulfilment. We are dedicated to ensure quality goals and policy coherence, the establishment of an internal environment built on the principles of proactive construction, participative and professional approach to job at hand, both within the organisation and with clients.

The key differentiators which distinguish us from the other contractors operating in this region are:

  • Local presence in Nigeria over a decade

  • Regional knowledge and experience of working in Nigeria

  • Understanding of the local rules and regulations that prevail in Nigeria

  • Experience of executing Projects in both Onshore & Offshore

  • Offshore works as per international oil & gas standards

  • Experience of working in a multilingual work environment

  • Ability to achieve targets and required productivity under extreme weather conditions

Cratos Energy Resources Limited prides itself on maximising local (National) content in all its previously executed and current projects. At present, we employ not less than 90% Nationals and endeavour to train Nationals on the Job, with a view to increasing our local content. Our fundamental core value is localisation. Cratos Energy Resources Limited nurtures skills to encourage sustainable community development and we justify this investment with the on-going successes that can be seen in our people, projects and the communities where we work.


Based on our experience and in house sophisticated software systems with our partners, Cratos Energy Resources Limited has developed the capability to recognise and consider opportunities in many specialised product areas. Operating solely or as an active partner, we have the necessary expertise to realise the potential of a wide range of specialised products. By our agreement with specialised entities, Cratos Energy Resources Limited is one of the very few companies that have accumulated the necessary Knowledge in handling bitumen, base oils, lubricants for the automotive and industrial sectors, including paraffin-wax and fertilisers in order to satisfy the immediate demand of its multinational clients. We have vast experience to strike a balance between monetary exchange and product competitiveness.


Our activities in trading of physical cargoes of crude oil and petroleum products are to a large extent centred on the company on cash markets. The company’s expansion involves the ability to hedge and assume positions in the future markets to eliminate or reduce the risk associated with a current or anticipated cash market position. Since the spot cargoes and future prices tend to move in parallel directions, a loss in one market is ordinarily offset by gain in the neutralising impact of price fluctuations. Strategically, our investment in expatriates on the field yields a positive result, as the company functions as consultant to various companies in Oil and Gas industry with less experience in the field. The company is well placed to take advantage of frequent imbalance in price between the products and crude oil by trading the differentials on the markets. The decision to take positions in this area is based on our knowledge of how products have reacted in the past, and up to date information acquired on the world-wide physical market.


To meet and exceed our client’s expectations in ensuring quality products


To ensure adherence to international safety standards, meet and surpass the safety norms of our clientele


To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner through enhanced performance

Customer Satisfaction

To deliver client objectives on time and within the budget