Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

As a company, we invest substantially in providing training to the local manpower and devising & implementing management systems to equip the local manpower with multi-disciplined and specialist training to meet up to the future requirements of the company and the society at large.

Our commitment to social responsibility is as strong today, as it was from the inception. Cratos Energy Resources Limited is conscious of the need to maintain a peaceful co-existence with the environment by establishing environment- friendly approach in all our operations. A good relationship is the core of our business and we conduct our business compulsorily with our governing principles.

Our commitment to being a good corporate firm also includes:

  • Protecting our environment

  • Acting with integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards

  • Promoting diversity in our work force and partnering with diverse suppliers

  • Ensuring a safe, healthy workplace

  • Maximum level of flexibility towards client priority